Easy Operation

No difference in men, but difference in using tools.

Jidou is an excellent tool for your driving and life.

  • Phone
    Connecting mobile phone through bluetooth, then dialing and answering on device screen
    Play/Pause and
    Previous /Next Track
    Radio On/Off and
    Channel Switch
  • User center
    Operations like device binding and account login can be accomplished here

Quick Interface

For easier operation , a card-shaped quick interface is available in DouUI 3.0, which can be operated even with the app off.
Informational tips will be provided, so you are able to handle Jidou on its desktop.

Gesture UI the Easiest Operation

For less inconvenience, Gesture UI is added in Jidou which guarantees operation by fingers such as the change
of volume and tracks even without looking at the screen.

Low Fuel

Remaining Fuel at 5L

Gas Station Nearby

Low Fuel Reminder and Gas Station Nearby
No worries any more .

Always forget to refuel?

Always miss the gas station ?

If the answer is YES, no worries any more!

By monitoring your car, Jidou will offer you eye-catching reminders on Low Fuel and Gas Station
Nearby.Refueling is just so easy.

Direct Connect to Phone ,No more SD Card

SD card storage, a major flaw of on-board smart hardware. Besides 4G network, DouUI 3.0 also realizes a direct connect
to your phone, transferring document through WIFI .

Tailor-made Setting

Smart Travel Leads to the Future

Cool Themes at Your Disposal

Other than flat design, Jidou puts diversified themes at your disposal.

Neatly-designed New UI

As an important update, the original interface is adjusted to more delicate icons and neat design .

Personalized Wake-up

For voice wake-up, you can modify the words to make Jidou totally yours

Third-party Players

With the best system and open-mind, third party players such as PowerAMP and iTunes are integrated with new features
such as default setting and quick access

PowerAMP iTunes

Visualized Experience

Beyond functions,
visualized experience facilitates information delivery

Voice Recognized

Besides the previous content, music, radio, blue-tooth control are added.
Operations are visualized and the instant notification adopts updated format
as it does not take up much space on the interface.

Simplified and Visualized

DouUI 3.0 introduces Jidou M series of rear view mirror. With simplified mode on the left and right,
music,radio,navigation and ADAS will be available on the mirror. The mirror will also be a smart device on-board!

Smart Travel

Smart Travel Leads to the Future

Speed Sensor and Navigation Adjustment

Knowing perfectly about the driving condition of your car differentiates Jidou from others.
DouUI3.0 is able to adjust sound volume and navigation map in accordance with speed.

Amplification mode

Dangerous Driving Algorithm

The dangerous driving algorithm is introduced to Jidou database, so Jidou could effectively record
dangerous driving behaviors and provide recommendations to improve road safety.

Dangerous Driving

Big-data-based Voice Analysis

A truly smart voice system should be capable of learning and evolving.
Jidou voice system improves its functions and user-friendliness via analysis of voice commands and operation habits

Customized Car Record

A customized car record will be provided for users. After data input,Jidou monitors your car in real time so as to remind you of car maintenance, insurance and conditions.

Jidou App

Smarter Dual Cards

Telecommunication will be further improved through its build-in 4G network.

Dual cards support real-time switch,

offering you more economical data traffic package.